5 Great Gadgets for Stress-Free Travel


Most people love to travel. Whether it’s for business, leisure or family visits, we are normally looking forward to the destination more than the stress of airports and connections. However, today travel is made much easier than it was even a few years ago. There are now plenty of great gadgets that make life simpler en route, and even when we’ve reached our destination.

Check out the list below for a number of high-tech gadgets that make travel easier, and more fun!


Worried about losing your luggage? Stick a TrackR on it before you go. Place one on your phone, in your wallet, or any of your valuables to know where they are at all times.

TrackR is the simplest way to find lost and misplaced belongings. The TrackR app displays the distance between you and your items – letting you know which airport bar you left your wallet in…


The TrackR even lets you activate the ringer any of your TrackR devices. Letting you know where those pesky keys are hiding in plain sight. Pressing the button on the TrackR will ring your phone if misplaced, even when on silent.

TrackR use crowd funded GPS to find your items anywhere on the planet. Anyone using the TrackR app that comes near your TrackR device will send a signal to the app which shows you it’s last known location. You will be pleased to know your luggage is in Spain when you land in Canada.

The TrackR can be set up to warn you when you wander too far from your belongings. With a set distance, your TrackR will alert your when you are wandering too far. Just in case the constant warnings for airport security to never leave your bags unintended isn’t enough.

It’s also super slim. Approximately the same size as a quarter, and only slightly thicker, it’s aluminium body is durable and can easily be tucked away almost anywhere.


Worried about power? Lithium Card is an ideal portable power bank for use on the move.

Ever been waiting at a gate of an airport when your phone is about to die? EVERYONE has. Normally you wander around the room looking to find a wall socket to charge your mobile devices. If you’re lucky you find one near a seat that no one has claimed already. But 9 times out of 10 somebody already has claimed it. With Lithium Card Pro you can charge your devices anywhere. No need to find a dark corner with a wall socket to charge your devices. Go sit by the windows or pick any seat in the restaurant or bar. And at only 89mm long by 58mm wide it’s super compact.


Now there are a lot of portable power banks out there but, Lithium Card Pro is the only portable power bank classed as a hyper-charger. It can charge some mobile phones 3 times faster than a conventional wall charger. It also, allows you to charge another device through a separate USB port. It comes built in with lightning or micro-usb plugs so no messy wires to manage.

Even when charging the Lithium Card Pro you can charge your mobile device at the same time. And if hooked up to a laptop you can charge and access your files at the same time.

At only 89mm long 58mm wide it’s super comapct. It’s these extra features that make Lithium Card Pro our choice as a valuable travel companion.

Buy it here on Amazon. Only $55.49.


No travel list is complete without the inclusion of Noise Cancelling Headphones. Our choice? Bose QuietComfort 35.



Noise cancelling headphones are not to the travel world. A large portion of airline travelers will be sporting a set of noise cancelling headphones when onboard and the ones that aren’t are either infrequent travelers or have been living under a rock!

As mentioned above, noise cancelling headphones have been around for years now. Each year improvements made, and features added. Bose QuietComfort 35 are leading the pack when it comes to quality and comfort. The Bose QuietComfort 25 set new standards of comfort and sound quality. Now they have gone completely wireless.

When connected to a phone they incorporate hands-free calling which has a sidetone feature which allows you to hear your own voice when speaking to prevent you speaking too loudly because you can’t hear your own voice.

Buy it on Amazon for $349. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones.


Looking for a suitcase? Try the COWAROBOT.



COWAROBOT is the first suitcase that automatically follows you wherever you go. Motorised suitcases aren’t new, but one that will stay by your side while you walk, without any input from you is unique. You can have a coffee in one hand and your phone in the other and COWAROBOT will stick with you the entire time. It even detects obstacles in its path and finds a way around them. You can even recharge your mobile devices via the USB ports built into the suitcase.

Even if you leave your suitcase behind somewhere, you can retrieve it by double tapping the wristband that the owner wears. The suitcase will navigate around any obstacles and be back at your side in no time.

With a 12.5 mile range, it can handle even the longest terminal transfers. Check it out over at cowarobot.com.


Travelling overseas? Then you will need a travel adapter.

Often overlooked, but a good travel adapter makes life easy when you get into a foreign country. Going without can mean a long wait to recharge those mobile devices and an expensive charger from a local store.


Get the most out of your dollar with the Loop World Travel Adapter. It works in over 150 different countries and even has USB ports for charging phones and other mobile devices.

Buy it on Amazon for only $20!

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