Google Maps Hack Makes Travel Easier


Keep track of all the places you want to visit.

Most keen travelers have made their own map of countries and places they want to visit. Often a tattered old map that gets harder to read after every location is ticked off the list. However, there is one feature on Google Maps that allows you to save a city, point of interest, or even a cafe as a favorite.

So when you see or hear about places you want to go you can look them up on your Google Maps app and save it as a favorite.

You can imagine how useful this tool would be if you are spending a significant amount of time in one location. It can be hard keeping track of where you’ve been and making sure you have seen everything that you wanted to. With the favorites feature you can quickly add locations and then remove them from your favorites once you have been. So simple, yet so useful.


When Google Maps is set as the default map app for your phone, saving favorite locations is a breeze. When you click on the address of a website about your favorite spot it automatically loads up Google Maps so you can hit the save button almost instantly.

If there was one way which this feature could be improved it would be some way to mark some of your favorites in a special kind of way. So you could keep track of the places you have already seen as a reminder of how far you’ve come. I know, not quite the same as an impressive stack of airline tickets or stamped out old passports. But it would make for a handy way of tracking your travel history.

Overall, the Google Maps favorite feature is one that a lot of people will find useful. It’s not exactly new, but more often overlooked at how helpful it can be. So get out there and start saving your favorite places. I guarantee you will have itchy feet in no time!

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