Want to Become a Gintern?


Possibly the best job going right now.

Do you love Gin? Well, there is a job on offer right now that will be right up your alley. The gin club ILoveGin are hiring an “Gintern” to travel the UK and discover new gins, new mixers and generally drink a lot of gin.

You have to be living in the UK to apply, but seeing as the applications don’t close until mid September we feel there is enough time for anyone to move to the UK for the job.

Some perks for the successful Gintern:

  • Work only 2 days per week
  • £20,000 annual salary
  • Travel the UK
  • Monthly Gin and Tonic box every month
  • Work from home

There aren’t too many qualifications to get the job. Although, there will be steep competition as jobs like this only show up once in a blue moon. But the description mainly says you need to be a social person who enjoys the odd tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post. And with all the free gin you will be drinking I don’t think you will have any problems being social.

For more Ginformation check their website.

I’m sure there are more Gin blended words out there, I’m all out of Ginspiration. Throw them in the comments and let’s see where this goes.



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